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tv   Today  NBC  September 18, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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do it. and london is a year-old by the way in the kitchen. >> and you whip and you watch me whip -- >> that s is the stan ki leg down and the whip. we are working on the nae nae. now watch me leave. >> watch me. that is mom. >> and watch me whip. >> guys, that is about it. >> and we could watch that all day. >> isn't thcu. three beautiful kids, and when i see you, i do not picture it all >shatrl and one minute i am hanging out with fred durst and kid rock and now i am having a 1-year-old that is whipping and nae nae'ing i am so blessed.
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>> and there is one person who is nominat for the emmy, and it is you and this show and the "voice." >> this is the catoft reality and "the amazing race" they have a lock on it, and in the last ten years they have won every year except for maybe "project runway" got them one year and "the voice" once. and so we are honored to be there for " the voice" and so i am going to be taking siri and take some friends that we don't normally see, and who knows. if you win, who gets to give the acceptance speech. >> last time it was mark burnett the executive director and this time i am go going to go for the microoas k, 's up! but it is like really an honor. >> and let's talk about the
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categories, because you are into >> the m , cn ya into like the fashion -- >> yes, and also "empire." >> yes, and annie sandberg is going to do a great job hosting. and dez s dezi arnez never nominate and my friend from "parks and rec" never nominated and the guy who started all of this whole cable thing, never nominated and -- michael landon, pa! pa of "little house" never nominated. >> are you kidding? >> no. and courtney cox has been in 1 million episodes of "cou
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town" and everything, and never nominated nominated. >> and let's look back at the red p tesd c cnu ud i es nominated and won, and any time she has been nominated, she has won. and "pristine" and "veep." >> yes, and that is why i want her to be the new coach on "the voice" and bring us that golden touch. >> and loah fl t" and look at that hair. and george clooney in 1996. who is that? we don't know. >> we don't cara her. >> and that is s.j.p. in 1999. >> wow, beautiful. >> and she did win in 2004 for the role. >> well, it is exciting show, and exciting thing to be there. >> are you into the hair or the fashions? >> look at me, of course not. >> and we will talkb e buk >kate? >> the new princess.
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>> new bangs? and this is news how? >> well, here she is, and look at how they cut and -- look at that. look at how they feather. are you into the bangs? >> i just dt ,mt e,e de y do you women freak out about hair, and hair is such a thing for ladie t well, if you have a great hair day and great blowout or if you have a hangover, and you au t duchess can pull bangs? >> yes. and so we are going to be whose bangs are the tlst >ontae to these? these? >> no, i don't. beyonce. >> oh, you are good. >> and -- anne hash, no shgs , the other anne, anne hathaway. who is it?
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>> i don't know. >> katy perry. i never would have guessed that. >> that is vampy. >> who is that? >> halle berry. >> michelle obama. first lady. >> that is it? >> i like it. >> wait. who is that? >> reba. >> reba, yes. >> l ,as mom. as ! who i swear to god practically is reba, and that is amazing. how did you guess that. hi, mom. >> and by the way, when you grew up and left home, did you call your mom? >> not enough. and when i fly and whenever you land you have to call or text me to let me know that you are there. >> do you always? >> well, most of the time i do. >> and there is a mom anne pinto who started college and never call called, and so went to college a
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few hours away, and so the mom is upset and posted something on facebook. >> hi, liam. hi. do you remember me? i'm your mommy. i gave birth to you. well, actually i did can't quite give birth. i had to have a c-section to get you out, and it is a big scar and hurt like hell and that is okay, and do you remember that is me who gave you life? >> poor kid. poor kid. pected to walk on the college campus with everybody knowing that is foes is posted on facebook and then went viral. oh, my. >> and my favorite person in the world devon sill. >> i bought the jersey. >> and she has been fighting cancer and doing well, and she is getting well and walked in new york fashion week and she
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did a turn and look at that with the cute jeans, and is she said that shwenus itn rif h a going in the hospital for more treatment, but shout out to her. >> shout out to he yee >nirel ne seen him before. >> that is right, the star opens up about the -- the star opens
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perfect. your favorite. we're gonna need more chairs. and more food. low prices. every day. on everything you need so you can turn your game-day party of three into a great party for more. save money. live better. walmart. and walking by richard gere on the street, and he asks for your help and you walk away? movie "time out of mind" where gere plays a homeless man george. >> and guess who got the lucky assignment, jill martin, our contributor. >> and somebody had to get the assignment, and what an assignment it is, and the generation of women who will not forget him as the charmer about the woman that he still
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watches. >> reporter: from charming wealthy businessman edward lewis in "pretty woman" to male escort in "american gigolo" to the man that every woman wanted to be carried away by to a homeless man. >> i need a blanket, because it makes me sleep better. i'd like a blanket. >> i'd like a nice blanket, too, because it makes me feel good. >> and i got to see the eye-opening film and you got to finally do it after 15 years, and why was it so important? >> well, it is a script from 1988, and when i read it, it was ten years old or more and still totally relevant then. >> and one of the most
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you were not in a ninja turtle outfit, but you were in a hat and coat, and asking for money, and nobody recognized you. >> right. and we were in a room together, and sure that here each of you would project a lot based on the clothes they have, and the it, and the posture of this guy is really bored over here -- [ laughter ] -- but i had a funny haircut that i cut with the swiss army knife -- >> you still look like it. >> and i didn't have a fright mask on, but it is the simple muse of not a hollywood star with a tuxedo on the red carpet, but it was a guy just standing
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still, and so i could see the cues of people not wanting to make eye contact or emotional contact or spiritual or psychological contact, nothing. >> and you were the only one who knew that you were being film and girls are going to be kicking themselves when they see and we only have 45 seconds left, and so i want to- ,ist another five minutes. >> okay. good i will take it. i feel like you could take over, a and this is going to be entertaining for you, for sure. a quick game of true/false. you show off the musical skills in this show like "pretty woman" playing the pean know and you still play at home? >> yes. >> you have a piano. >> yes, pean know and guitars. yes. >> this is it? >> and you will join twitter, facebook or instagram in the near future? >> false. i have is no interest.
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>> and there are a lot of -- >> false. i have none of those. >> and you are surfing at home on the tv channels and one of your movies pops up, and you stop and watch. >> truthfully the only one i watch is "pretty woman" because it is a delightful movie, and it is a quirky little tiny movie that we made that had some magic in it, and not particularly because of me, but because the movie had it and i will stop for a little bit and then get myself and get out quick. i thought that we were talking movies. >> well, we are, and congratulations. >> and we have another segment, right? >> yes, one more. >> get him out of here. >> oh, wow. he was fun, right? >> and did he talk for another hour after that?
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>> yes, it was, and the movie s powerful and i have to say when i am walking down the street and someone is homeless and i change my view and i see and pay more attention to it. >> and the "pretty woman" comment is hysterical. >> i was so happy with the answer. >> i love that he was a little embarrassed, thank you, jill. and we have a lot coming up. >> what do we are have coming up? >> well, it is"d coming up on nbc.
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anutauto insurance through progressive, you'll save a bundle! [ laughs ] jamie. right. make a bad bundle joke, a buck goes in the jar. i guess that's just how the cookie bundles. now, you're two bundles of joy! i'm not pregnant. i'm gonna go. there you go. bee coming! it was worth it! when you bundle -- now, that's progressive. we have the first very good look at sullivan stapleton and i mean a very good look at all of the assets in the block bus buster movie "300 rise of the empire" and the audiences like wad they saw. >> and now he takes his talents
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and he comes in as on the case with a woman who can't remember who she is. >> she can't remember anything until she crawled out of that bag in times square. >> what has that got to do with me. >> do you recognize her? >> no, i have never seen that woman oiyf >> why is your name tattooed on her back? >> that is your name. >> your name, curt weller, fbi. >> why is it on her back? it is a good spot to put your name. >> this is a great premise, and you have a woman, and smee is in a duffle bag in the middle of times square with a note attached that says "call the fbi." and each tat is ait clue? >> yes, and each tat turn s tout s out to be a case. and is so, you know, there is at l tooh,d, u
10:20 am
at the series, and so when you are reading the pilots for gigs in the states and tv show and you look at this and say it is interesting? >> well, with that many tattoos, and, you know, then there is a lot of cases, and so the show could go on and on. >> and this "blindspot" has got big raves. >> like "blacklist" kind of buzz. >> is that excitement or nervous as we lead into it? >> yes, it is exciting, and a little nerve-racking to see how it is received, but it is an awesome job. >> it is going to be doing well to keep you in the city that you love so much in new york for a while. >> yes. >> and how did you get into acting? acting? >> umm, i started young. >> as a yeah. my auntie was acting and they said, do you have any blond
10:21 am
headed kids for a commercial, and she took me down. >> so did you do both sides? >> yes, i ended up at a small shop there in australia, and so i have gone in and out of shows like a grip. >> and imagine brad pitt there -- >> and you can see, that shut-up, i'm working. >> and yes, we are so excited because i got to see the pilot and i'm so lucky, and i believe it is going to be a hit. we are so excited that you came to see us.
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good morning. a live look at the cross bronx expressway. it is 10:27, 77 degrees on this friday, september 18th. we have just learned new information about this morning's shootings of the young athlete in yonkers. mike nolan shot outside a burger king near the cross county parkway. this is a drive-by shooting. they are looking for a pale yellow two-door honda. it may have stepped from an earlier dispute but they believe nolan was an innocent victim. 87 is your high. 76 degrees tomorrow. sunday, clear skies. a lot cooler.
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76 the high monday. breezy, 73 degrees. tuesday, maybe a shower. up next on the "today" show, personality.
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it is tryday friday, and so it is a few days of fall here.
10:27 am
fashions of fall. >> and that means we bring in madelyn fernstrom. >> and so we are playing a quiz? >> yes, and we will have a quiz for pumpkins and apples. >> okay. we don't have buzzers, but we will wave around. >> okay. the first question. which of these awe utumn pies has the fewest calories of pie, apple, pecan or -- >> am i first, apple. >> you are wrong. >> the answer is pecan. >> and you would be wrong. >> oh, come on the answer is ing in 300, and apple is 400, and pecan is 500, and it is the most, because the nuts and apples are healthy, but the nuts are pure sugar and watch out for the crust, and use calories. and moving on to the drinks.
10:28 am
ris, 12 ounces hard apple kreider or pumpkin ale -- >> well, we just established that pumpkin is less -- >> well, it is malt wine, and beer is fizzy, and so you will drink it fewer. >> okay. carson got that one. which >> which of these fall soups is lower -- >> it is potato leek soup. >> and b, of course, because it is corn chowder. >> are you kidding, it is a. you guys need to study up, and it is butter nut soup, and starchy and not a lot of fat or calories and you can lighten it up with 8 ounce instead of 12 ounce bowl. >> and no butter there, and no but butter in butternut. and next, which 16 ounce latte is low er in er in the calories, the
10:29 am
chai or the pumpkin. >> it is the pumpkin. >> it the chai. >> and the pumpkin sounds healthy, but it is a lot of sugar, and so go for the chai or downsize to the 12 ounce in the coffee houses for the pumpkin. >> okay. >> and which doughnut is lower the glazed or the pumpkin -- >> it is definitely glazed, madelyn. >> well, it s is the 220 for the apple cider, and the glazed adds more for the teaspoon of sugar. >> i'm ahead. >> barely. and a so so which has more per serving? serving? >> well, it is the hot chocolate here with the more calories per serving. >> the tie hf braek -breaker here! >> and which of these has the m fiber, the apple or the
10:30 am
pear or the -- >> i am going with the pear! >> you are right, hoda! >> and hoda is the winner. >> what's the prize? what's the prize? >> the prize is a pumpkin. >> wow! the pumpkin. >> it is a fake pumpkin? well, it is kind of cute though. all right. thank you, madelyn, for all of that. and for more of the fall food facts go to and for men to understand women, fellow s s, it is in the and off you go, and off you go, and off you go, for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain
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his version of "this land is your land" by woody guthrie. >> and that is the voice of marc scibilia, and he is currently on tour, and nice enough with his band mates to stop by here to make a debut here. and the super bowl though, and did you go can out to buy the big tv? >> i bought a tv that morning and i tried to get cable, too. >> and you didn't do it? >> and was it surreal to know, because this is the second most viewed part of the supebowl? sglel el well, . >> well, it is super amazing and i felt super honored to be part of the greatest american songwriters and moment. >> and it was one of the most shazamed moments that they loved what they heard and wanted to know your name. >> and what are you going to sing? >> it is from the upcoming record. >> all right.
10:36 am
>> marc scibilia. life is too fun to walk alone you can't do it on your own it is like going too strong and when it is going too strong for you money won't pay it for you but time will show people going to be okay some will come to say we need each other how bad we need each other in the trials of today there are signs along the way and show how bad we need each other
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now doo to doo i can get so high on myself sometimes i keep on drifting for miles but what a shame it would be to look back on our life and realize that i have taken you and me for granted i'm not go g ing to do it now people are going to be okay some have come to say they have come to remind us how bad we need each other how bad we need each other in the trials of today there are signs along the way how bad we need each other how bad we need each other and i cannot see what is a mile around the bend i do not know where this world is headed or where it ends
10:38 am
and honey i do wear a frown but i will put it down and i will be okay and some come to stay and they come to remind us how bad we need each other how bad we need each other in the trials of today there are signs along the way how bad we need each other how bad how bad honey okay the sun has come to stay how bad we need each other how bad we need each other and the trials of today they have sign along the way and they tell us how bad we
10:39 am
how bad now honey >> that is how you do it! that is rock 'n' roll! thank you so much. what a great job. >> thank you, guys. wait a second, wait a second. is this the first time that you have been seeing your face and everything on national television singing. >> yes. >> okay. and your baby brother back here is matt? >> yes. >> and we have somebody who wants to say hey to you. caller, somebody on the phone? >> caller: hello. >> who is that? >> caller: hey, guys. >> who is that? >> that is our mom! >> caller: it s is amazing, and it is amazing to see you "today" show and you did a fantastic job and we are all so proud of you
10:40 am
opportunity for you guys. >> mom, they have not showered in a month. >> you would not be proud of the way we smell. >> that is a great song, and the song has dropped but the album drops at the end of the month. >> right. >> fantastic, fantastic. >> and you can preorder that album right now. so, you are brash and bold or simple and sophisticated. >> a little of both. >> all right. we will find out what a woman's handbag says ahhh, jedi. they're just wise old men who like to be comfortable. so they wear robes. remember, tight-fitting clothing leads to chafing, chafing leads to anger. and, well, anger is the path to the dark side. the best place in the galaxy to get low prices on everything star wars.
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grab the handbags and listen to. this we are about to tell you what the size and the style and the weight of the purse says about your personality. >> you know that the average purse weighs almost 7 pounds,
10:46 am
and so that begs the question, things! >> and so it reveals your parersonal personality and so we asked women on the ala aat ine here. mh s >> it is flashy. it is my mommy bag. >> i like the fringe. >> the bow is cute a fu girlie. it holds everything. >> a pair of orthotics. >> gum. >> gum. >> gum. >> a lot of garbage more than anything. >> diapers and the wipes. >> and the wires. everything. >> nail polish. >> nail polish. >> some receipts. >> that is about it. >> and you know, you have to have a coozie at all times. >> and we have a couple of the handbags from the staffers who do not know that we took them, and we will rifle through them, and see what is in there.
10:47 am
bahar and what is this? yes yes, it is a reflection of your personality and style and lifestyle, and maybe if you have a tote, you are a working woman or busy mom or gym rat and muybe you can experiment with the color if you are a fashionista. >> is that the right red? >> maybe you like to experiment with a pop of color. >> but what about someone with this type of bag? >> well, this personality is someone that you wear it on the crook of the arm and you are kon fi dent. >> and this is a power move? >> yes, a power move, and you are not going to the grocery store, but it is a fashion accessory. >> and this is the bag between these two. >> exactly. >> and you don't want -- >> the hybrid of the working mom, because you have nothing there. >> and not too much. >> and it is and accessible and you can use it for anything. >> well, two bags down here at the end, and one of them belongs to a staffer at "today" show, and liz, and i don't know where she s and one of them belongs to
10:48 am
think that the bags tell about the personality. >> so we will go through them, and investigate the psychology of this, and this is my favorite thing is to rifle through someone's bag. >> and s is actually somebody's bag. there is all sorts of stuff in there. >> and this s is the heaviest stuff. >> it is a good 12 pound, and the first thing that you see is this. >> and the papers. >> and it is looking good on you you. >> yes. >> and the wallet. >> and the wallet, ande accessories accessories. >> and tons of accessories, and this pe nu . s expectin tg lucky. >> yes shgs , deodorant, and this is a good move because you never know when you need this, and this person's makeup bag. look at this. >> and a big bag of marijuana. >> wait, you did not see that. >>kidding. >> and contact lenses. >> and you never know when you need contacts. >> and you are kidding! tell me this is not your bag.
10:49 am
this is schizophrenic and crazy person's bag. look at this. this is really your bag? this is to pick up your dog's -- oh, my gosh, this is hoda's bag. this is seriously you need help. >> are you going somewhere? >> and this is extremely heavy, and like ten pounds is the max. >> and by the way, liz is standing in the kitchen and this is her bag. >> and she has two sets of keys, but when you go inside, and holy cow, k this. what is this wallet? >> that is normal. >> but look at how much change, and she going to the casino? >> elizabeth, you need for it parking meter? >> it is for the son's piggy bank. >> well, it is neat. >> and she has a lot of ways to pay for thikgs. >> t and so overall what have we learned? >> that you are a crazy person,
10:50 am
that is what we have learn d ed. >> thank you. >> thank you. > and we are back on a moment. >> anth fit od"
10:51 am
actually your all right. before we go, we want to tell you that suze orman is going to be here next monday, and if you have problems with your money, she is going to be here to answer your questions. >> and so just e-mail us your questions. > d>> and a spotlight of the super fan. >> and michelle is a navy reser v reserve wife and just recently twin boys, and look at that, the twins sitting in the dad's army pants, and look at that, she saw the pose on pinterest and wanted to try the post herself. look at that, so beautiful. >> thank you for sharing that photo with us.
10:52 am
>> that is gorgeous. son, m you are a blast and thank you for coming to drinking and scratching and everything with me. and we will have all about the red carpet next week. >> and joan london. >> and duran duran is going to be with us as well.
10:53 am
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you'll also get unlimited calling across the u.s. and 34 other countries around the world. call today. i switched. now i have a free app that lets me watch tv whenever i have the time. for $89.99 a month you'll get tv, internet and phone. and if you call now, there's no risk, no contract, no catch, no kidding. i switched to time warner cable and knew exactly when they were coming. thanks to their one hour appointment window. switch to time warner cable today. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call today. today on "access hollywood" live. a million is not sexy. you know what is? a billion. mark cuban, billionaire. 3commas? >> 3.23.
10:55 am
are you friends with trump? we need the answers to these questions. >> on empire, why wesley snipes turned down the and we will talk about his new show. >> the beach boys musical mastermind brian wilson is here with his wife, melinda. >> to save him from a deviant and manipulative man. "access hollywood" live starts now. >> these things usually have like a million people or two million people and they will probably have 24 or 25 million people based on early numbers. maybe i will get flowers from cnn. who knows. >> code name humble. humble is on the move.
10:56 am
he's at it again on hannity. maybe deservedly so. jeff zucker, i sent him a huge bouquet of flowers. >> this is the most watched program in the network's 35-year history. 22.9 million viewers. he needs a big bouquet. >> fox got 24 million. they didn't know 24 was coming. they didn't get to jack their ad rates. they said it's huge. send the flowers. >> 4.5 million watched on line as well. you can add that number to it. >> super bowl is like a million or two million. a debate online 4.5 million people? that's amazing. >> if this ends for trump, will people be interested? he claims he is a ratings machine and on this front he is correct. >> megan kelly got the trump bump.
10:57 am
she signed the caa, big powerful agency. >> we are one in the same. >> she is catching up to you very, very quickly. producing a new series with kevin spacey. all over. >> a scripted series with spacey. i love that cross over. >> before hannity, he headlined a town hall meeting. he came under fire for not correcting a man who said president obama is muslim and not american. >> there is a problem in this country called muslim. we know our current president is one. he's not even an american. birth certificate! anyway. we have training camps growing and they want to kill us. that's my question. >> we will be looking at a lot of different things and a lot of people are saying that and saying that bad things are happening out there. we will be looking at that and plenty of other things. >> i believe he didn't listen to
10:58 am
the question.
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